The Wardell Family

I almost thought that this shoot wasn’t ever going to take place. Every time we tried to schedule it, something changed and we had to wait. At last we where able to photograph, during the winter, with te farm grass golden and the wind blowing in our hair. I am so glad this shoot happend exactly at the right time. It worked out perfectly and afterwards I couldn’t stop thinking about how happy and beautiful this family is! I hope these images bring you a lot of happiness and that one day you can look back at tis glorious time in your lives. Sargeant can be very happy that he found you.

The Blomerus Family

This gorgeous mare, lost her mom when she was a tiny filly. She has never been taught, doesn’t have human interaction every day, but due to the fact that she was looked after by humans when she was young, she has built trust and made a connection with them. The moment the Blomerus family walked into the camp, she joined us and made the shoot super special!

Makes me think, have you ever thought of the word Delta? A delta is a finite increment. This means, it is an increase or an addition of a series, on a fixed scale ( It is a place where many join to become something big. In life I believe that we become part of every persons delta, when we inspire, affect in a good way or help. Sometimes it is not literal, it is a form of support when the other does not even know it. It is shining a bit of light on someone or something other than yourself.

I have known the Blomerus family since the first day I met their youngest son and took photos at his nursery. Always knew there was something special about them. Met Kobus at plenty wedding ceremonies, and never connected the dots. But the day I really got to know them, was when we realised we had something in common. Something we miss and can not yet get back. “But you, O Lord, are a shield about me, my glory, and the lifter of my head” Psalm 3:3

In my career I have realised, that many of my clients have become friends, they have formed part of my delta and I hopefully of theirs. We are not meant to walk this world alone, we are not meant to cry or laugh alone! We are meant to share, we are part of a Delta.

Thank you for sharing some of your light with me numerous times!!

The Van Zyl Family

I love large families! It was so incredible to spend time with this great family, from all over the world, on our farm. The wind was a great challenge, but in the end we really enjoyed this shoot.