FC & Leigh-Ann's Dessert Engagement

My grandmother taught me to always greet people with a comment, a true, honest comment. Its printed into my system, people will always remember how you made them feel. So I have to say, Leigh-Ann krept into my heart long before we met. I met her over social media, mutual friends introduced us. I remember my very first discussion with Leigh-Ann over an email, she said that my photos are more than photos, they are works of art. Wow! Obviously I fell in love! This comment gave me so much energy, made me work harder and increased my passion. So proud that this is my client, someone that loves my work and sees my passion, and the feeling is mutual! Now after meeting her and FC in El Ain UAE, I must be honest, her outer beauty is just as striking as that very powerful comment she made. Thank you guys for allowing me to do this shoot in a breathtakingly beautiful place, I'm blown away!

Styling - On Trend Style Dress Designer - Elli-Nicole Floral Bouquet - On Trend Style